Salt Washing Unit

This washing unit developed by Yiğitbaşı Salt Machinery to wash raw salt crystals and clean the natural residues on them is fully automatic and completely domestic production.

It was developed by Yiğitbaşı Salt Machinery Company in line with the experience of years and the needs of salt processing companies. As in all of our machines, we are continuously updating these washing systems and machines by following the developing technology closely.



Centrifuge machine designed and manufactured by Yiğitbaşı Machinery is used to reduce the external humidity of the salt washed in the cyclone. After the salt is processed in the centrifuge machine, the humidity of the salt leaving the machine is between 2-2.6%.

*Centrifuge chassis is 120*120*4 mm box section.

*Salt facing parts of centrifuge  are type 304 stainless .

*Basket diameter is 700*15 mm stainless.

*Small basket diameter is 600*15 mm.

* 30*70 mm stainless sheet around the basket.

* Motor speed is 22 kw 1450 rpm

*Vargel motor speed is 5.5 kw 1450 rpm

*Centrifuge shell plate is made of 4 mm type 304 chrome.

* Outer cover of centrifuge gearbox is made of 4 mm black sheet.


Conveyor belt ,designed and produced by Yiğitbaşı Machinery, is used in salt transfer processes.

*Length of belt is 15 meters.

*Thickness of bant is 4 layers of 10 mm .

*Frame profile is 50*50*4 mm.

*Conveyor drums are 200 mm.

* Intermediate stations  are 3 sets of rolls on 80 NPU

*Motor rpm is 7,5 KW 1400 rpm

* Motor is connected to the reductor via pulley.

* Drum bearings are UCP 210.


Spiral designed and produced by Yiğitbaşı Machinery

*Spiral inner pipe is made of type 304 chrome with 76’ pipe.

*Spiral inner pipe thickness is 3 mm.

*Spiral outer pipe diameter is 300 mm.

*Spiral outer pipe thickness is 3 mm.

*Spiral motor is 5.5 KW 63 rpm

* Spiral bearing system is SN512


Crusher mill designed and produced by Yiğitbaşı Machinery.

*Shell plate is type 304 chromium nikel

*Shell dimensions are 1000*1000*10 mm

*Chassis is made of 100*100*4 mm box sections.

*Crusher gearbox is produced from 300 mm pipe.

*Crusher engine is 30 KW 1400 rpm

*Pulley on gearbox is 22*200 double row